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Why sell through ShareSell?

Access to Customers

ShareSell knows your customers and gives you access to them through its community of Sellers

Quick and Secure Payments

ShareSell charges a small commission only 'after' you make a sale and ensures timely payments

Delivery Support

ShareSell takes care of shipping and delivery so you can focus on your core business

Supplier Support

ShareSell provides you with insights on how to grow your sales exponentially

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List your products on our product categories. We give them priority space for maximum visibility as they become popular

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As your products go LIVE on the ShareSell and our Sellers share them with their WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram contacts, you will start receiving orders immediately

We Handle Delivery

We offer quick and convenient pick-up and delivery through our logistics partners. All you need to do is pack the products and we do the rest

Receive Earnings

Payments are directly deposited to your bank account 24 hours after the buyer receives the shipped orders

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Registered Business, What do I need, How long does it take to Verify me, What can I sell, How much do I pay to use?

NO, you do not need a Registered Business to become a Supplier and to sell through the ShareSell App.

You need the following to become a Supplier;

  1. - Bank Verification Number (we need to know you are who you say you are)
  2. - Next of Kin (to contact if main Contact Person is unavailable)

We VERIFY or DECLINE Suppliers within 3 minutes, depending on how credible we find your information submitted.

You can sell almost ANYTHING through ShareSell, provided the product is not illegal, stolen or perishable.

As a Supplier, there is a FREE FOREVER plan available on ShareSell, we only take 5% - 10% commission of your earnings 'after' you make a sale. For a more personalized experience, there are available paid subscription plans you can choose from.