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asked questions

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a person sells and delivers products to customers online without actually owning the product.

Typically, they serve as a bridge between the supplier and the buyer. The delivery process is 100% handled by the supplier, while the buyer bears the whole cost.

Why is Sharesell 100% easier?

Because we allow you to fix your prices, provide access to many verified suppliers and handle pick up and delivery. All you need to do is close a sale, and we take it from there.

How does Sharesell work?

First, find the product you want to resell from a list of options made available by suppliers on the platform and fix a price. You get a link to the items and close a sale.

We handle the pickup and delivery of the product and credit your account after the transaction and pickup is completed.

Who is your delivery partner?

We work with Terminal — a logistics company servicing electronic and social commerce sellers.

Do you deliver outside Nigeria?

At the moment, we do not deliver outside Nigeria. It is on our product roadmap. We are looking forward to expanding to other countries in the coming months.

What if the product delivered has a problem?

We try to ensure that only quality goods are shipped. But in the case of verified damage or issue, we would handle the process of getting back the items and a refund.

Does Sharesell have a mobile app?

Currently, we operate with a web application—so you can only access our services via our website.